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The Yosemite Group provides services and solutions in a variety of industries and a variety of technologies.  Our clients’ goals are our objectives.  We understand that each client is different; with unique business processes and objectives, unique challenges, and a unique timeline and budget.  Our objective is to work with you to identify how best to meet your needs and resolve your challenges.  At the same time The Yosemite Group will help you keep your competitive edge and deliver products and services that satisfy your customers' needs.


If you’re facing challenges with Business Intelligence upgrades, ERP implementations and migrations, application development, network and security enhancements, or just about any other change initiative; you need more than a consulting firm that hands you a report at the end of the engagement. You need a consulting company that works with you, throughout the process, to deliver solutions that meet or exceed your specific business and technology requirements. 


Our team has extensive business and industry experience and works with you to get the job done right the first time. We develop and deliver the best integrated solutions because our consulting professionals are backed by teams in business processes, technology infrastructure, and applications services.  That’s why we consistently earn our clients confidence with solutions that deliver maximum value.  In fact, our clients have repeatedly called The Yosemite Group back for new initiatives and also referred TYG to their peers for their technology and business initiatives.


Information Technology Consulting, People and Solutions That Work For You


Strategic Consulting -- While working with you, The Yosemite Group will identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and productivity, manage change to achieve success, and disseminate knowledge.  THE YOSEMITE GROUP will present this information to you for review and discussion; and then together decide on strategy.


THE YOSEMITE GROUP can help your organization prepare for change by helping you understand the implications of how you conduct business.  THE YOSEMITE GROUP will collaborate with you to complete an analysis of relationships of people and departments, processes, and technology.  THE YOSEMITE GROUP will help you identify and achieve your organization's operational, relational, competitive, and financial goals.


Our experienced consultants understand how to leverage powerful thinking inside an organization, and how to integrate innovative ideas with leading-edge processes and technologies; to service your customers, control costs, and enhance revenue.  THE YOSEMITE GROUP takes into consideration the technologies you already own to determine how they may be used to meet your objectives.  If what you already own does not meet your strategic goals, THE YOSEMITE GROUP will assist you in evaluating new options.  The key to our success is our industry and consulting experience, as well as our process that we have developed to ensure that the strategies support these objectives.   Identifying realistic strategies is the key to achieving real results.  We develop a strategic plan with measurable objectives and help you implement tactics that improve performance.  Constructing new business capabilities defined by strategic planning roadmaps is an efficient and effective manner to achieve your objectives.  Together with, THE YOSEMITE GROUP, this will be the key to your success.


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Application Consulting -- Applications are becoming more complex and more important to the success of daily business operations.  Keeping a balance of enhancements, maintenance requirements, and an adequate return on investment presents a big challenge.  The Yosemite Group understands application challenges and has helped many clients be successful.


The Yosemite Group provides a team of experienced quality consultants, developers, and applications professionals with the industry knowledge needed to deliver effective consulting.  TYG has consistently met our clients’ needs and provided consulting, completed projects, and staffing along with full outsourcing solutions.   We are well known for our service approach and results.  Our consulting teams create solid and scalable architectures and solutions, and decision support materials that bring clarity to the enterprise applications as a whole. Our teams deliver cost-advantaged integration and development services using industry leading frameworks for quality, maturity, and service management.  Plus, our approach to management and maintenance provides solutions that adapt to changing business and technology environments.  Whether you need application development, management, migration, reengineering, deployment, testing, or training; Millennium Technical Consultants has the proven expertise to deliver application solutions that will meet your needs.  TYG will provide you with the technical experience you need to be successful, and position you for success.


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Technology Consulting  --  The Yosemite Group will work with you to make informed, objective decisions on the technology solutions that support your business strategies, improve customer service, help control costs, drive revenue, promote growth, and increase market value.


Our clients expect solutions that support their business strategies, improve customer service, control costs, drive revenue, promote growth, and increase market value. To maximize ROI, a technology investment must advance a company's competitive position. The Yosemite Group combines extensive industry and technical expertise to assist clients to align technology to business strategy and objectives.  Our consultants have the functional knowledge as well as extensive technical capabilities to understand how your technology can be used in your business environment to meet your objectives.  TYG works with you to define performance objectives, and then deploy the solution in a manner that optimizes your organization's ability to achieve them.  Technology performance is constantly measured against objectives. Our consultants work collaboratively with clients to integrate solutions and scale supporting infrastructure to sustain results while controlling total cost of operations.  TYG will provide you with the technical experience you need to be successful, and position you for success.


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Enterprise Consulting -- Improve operational efficiencies, enhance decision-making ability, and gain competitive advantage with The Yosemite Group.


As business competition intensifies, the importance of enterprise solutions as a strategic tool for gaining competitive advantage grows.  Organizations can’t afford development or delivery errors, or budget over-runs on an expensive enterprise or global rollout. Solutions must consistently be on time and on budget, and deliver real value.


The Yosemite Group has a strong record of meeting high performance standards while implementing complex global enterprise solutions that deliver real value.  We accomplish this through the combination of experienced consultants with a unique implementation approach and culture. Our enterprise consultants possess extensive industry expertise, process proficiency, and technology skills.  This has been gained and proven through numerous prior implementations. This experience and expertise, combined with our lean, full life cycle methodology; helps ensure solutions that deliver real value for our clients.


Decisions on IT enterprise solutions require consideration of corporate objectives, timelines, resources, and culture. TYG will bring extensive industry, technical, and project management expertise to your decision-making, to help ensure that processes reflect both strategic intent and operational efficiency.  Enterprise solutions often must co-exist with legacy IT systems, as well as an organizations' cultural legacy.  Therefore, our enterprise technology and process solutions are designed to deliver in all business environments.

Management decisions are made easier when organizations operate efficiently at all levels. Without efficient use of human, technological, and financial resources; management's ability to make informed, objective decisions is compromised. Through delivery of solutions that optimize the efficiency of enterprise systems, we help our customers improve their decision-making ability, enhance business capabilities, and gain competitive advantage.


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'...the client selected Microsoft SharePoint.  We worked with the client to identify business requirements and translate into technical design.  We designed, developed, tested, documented, and implemented a successful Microsoft SharePoint solution to meet the client’s business needs...'

Project Solutions


The Yosemite Group follows proven methodology while working with clients and a formal project plan to ensure milestones are established and met.  TYG works with a variety of technologies to meet our clients’ needs.  Project solutions are available for a variety of technical and industry needs.  TYG has developed and follows a proven process to insure objectives are met.


1. Project Planning

The Yosemite Group will work with your implementation team to develop an overall project plan unique to your time frames, goals and objectives, and budget. We will help you define overall project milestones, dates and deliverables to ensure that all business processes have been considered.


2. Research

Frequently the importance of research methods is overlooked and underemphasized. Our goal is to have a sound working knowledge of your organization before fit and gap analysis begins. We believe this increases our ability to effectively communicate and interact with your project team and address questions with specific information that is on target.


We start by conducting research on your current organizational structure and business practices. We quickly become acquainted with the unique characteristics of your organization and begin to interpret how they can be incorporated into your selected technology.  This information will be the critical component for ensuring an effective, efficient and interactive fit and gap analysis process.


3. Fit and Gap Analysis

Our intuitive approach to fit and gap analysis teaches you the underlying principles applications by making you an active participant in designing your system from the start. Rather than simply taking a module-by-module approach, we incorporate an integrated learning strategy that allows you to see how decisions made in one area will impact the system as a whole.


We believe it is our responsibility and obligation to show you the alternatives available and provide recommendations that assist you in making informed decisions. Our goal is to come away with a preliminary database that accurately represents the characteristics of your institution and serves as a blueprint for successful prototyping. Approaching fit and gap analysis in this manner allows you to develop the initial framework for a rapid implementation solution.


4. Pre-Production Environment:  Prototype

Building on the information obtained during the research and fit and gap analysis phases, our next step is to begin prototyping in a development environment. Our implementation methodology is designed to get you up and running on your system as soon as possible. We understand that having a well-defined prototype in the initial stages of your implementation is imperative to the overall success of your project.


The Yosemite Group supports these efforts by outlining specific tasks that must be completed. Rather than using a generic table load sequence, we provide you with a detailed, logical step-by-step approach that explains how we can help you accomplish the defined objectives of your project. Success instills confidence, and our methodology provides definable, achievable, short-term goals that allow you to measure your success as you work toward accomplishing your long-term objectives.


We will gladly design a fully operational system that is specific to your institution and business processes. We will then present this prototype to your implementation team and user community, demonstrating the capabilities of the software as they relate specifically to your institution. The prototype is an effective tool for fit and gap analysis, educational services and prototyping.


5. Quality Assurance and Testing

The Yosemite Group will be there with you every step of the way as your prepare to move your new system into production. As table setup and business process decisions are finalized in a development environment, we provide delivered scripts for moving the data into a quality assurance database. Our consulting team will then utilize detailed and proven models for user acceptance, integration and stress testing to ensure the entire system meets your required specifications for performance and delivery of customer service. After the system has been fully tested in an integrated and interactive environment, and you are satisfied with the results, it will be ready for production.


6. Support

As you transition into your new production system, The Yosemite Group will provide support and guidance for as long as you require. Our consulting team can remain on site to assist you with day-to-day business operations, troubleshooting and education services preparation for the next phase of your project. We also offer off-site application support to assist you when major production issues occur.




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