Industry Expertise -- The Yosemite Group will work with you to make sound, informed business decisions based on objective data and knowledgeable advice.


Our consultants provide industry-specific knowledge, advice, and integrated end-to-end solutions that make the difference for our clients. TYG takes into consideration strategic, daily business operations, and financial goals. We deliver extensive industry expertise in strategizing and implementing business and technology change, while working collaboratively with business leaders to align technology and processes to organizational objectives.


In addition, we focus on creating new strategic opportunities and driving change throughout the entire organization with technology tools and high-efficiency processes that control costs, increase operational efficiency, improve productivity, speed delivery, and enhance customer service. Through deep industry expertise we help enterprises assess their capabilities, develop strategies, and implement tactics for increasing revenue and adapting to market and regulatory change. We also use the latest Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing techniques to help business leaders make sound, informed decisions based on objective data.   TYG delivers true industry value and leaves you positioned for success.


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'...the Client selected a CRM solution to meet their marketing and business needs.  We had responsibility to work with end users, the client’s project team members, and other consultants to provide expert advice on how to design, configure, and use the system to achieve the desired business process objectives.   We had responsibility for all Requirements Gathering, Analysis,  Design, Testing,  User Documentation, and Transfer of Knowledge...'

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